Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's going on in there?

How many times have you run in to White Hall smelling the sweet aroma of fresh food and wondered what was behind those mysterious french doors? Well wonder no more. It is the Women's Center!

The center is not solely associated with the Women's Studies department at Lesley, it is also for you dear student. This means that on those days when the cafeteria noise is drowning your work mojo, you can come in enjoy some peaceful time or have a nice catch-up conversation with a friend. You can also hold study groups and meetings whenever the center is available. You can read and borrow sources from our ever- growing library. If you are talented, or dream that you are, come by and pitch us a sampling of your visual creations, we would love to share them with the rest of Lesley.

But most importantly, keep your eyes on what start happening. We're planning and hatching out plans for fun, informative, community building events. Heck! Maybe a zany thing or two. In the mean time, look for our hours to get posted and consider those times an open invitation to come by and be our friends.

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