Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hooters has good chicken wings.

And Playboy has good articles too. I am posting about a gentleman who blogs on parenting, and was interviewed on NPR today. The raindancer author, Bob Elston, took his kids (2 boys and a girl) to Hooters, so that they get a hands on of sex education lesson.

I am all for experiential learning, but the publicity from his 'research', doesn't strike me as accidental. (Especially since he wrote about it for USA today). So what did his children get out of the experience? The kids told him they see a lot more skin in their neighborhood pool. Also, they were apparently mortified, even as they saw other families in the restaurant. Yes, Hooters advertises as a family restaurant! But that is not why Mr. raindancer went to the local Hooters, instead of let's say, the Olive Garden. As Elston explains "The trip to Hooters, I saw, as an opportunity to see how he (his boy) conducts himself around women."Mind you his kid is eleven years old, have I missed something about the whole cougar trend?

A caller into Talk of the Nation, asked where the blogger would take his daughters? He replied he would take them to the female equivalent of Hooters. Yes! Well done. But sadly, there isn't a restaurant called 'Bulges', where waiters serve up appetizers clad in spandex. To be fair, Mr Elston did bring along one of the kids' grandmother. Granny took the photos.

Children aproaching puberty, should have a healthy model for sex, the human body, and appreciate there is a lot telling them how they should view sexuality and body image. This father's 'hands on experience' seems a bit 'stunt-like' to me and that bothers me, to the extent that I can't give him the benefit of the doubt. Hooters after all, may be promote itself as a family restaurant, but one that sells sex-appeal as the main dish. Mr Elston chose Hooters because when you mix kids and sex in the same story, controversy is born. Controversy makes people famous these days.

So would I take my girls to Hooters? Maybe, but not to teach them a lesson on sexuality.

Here is a link to the USA today article.

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