Sunday, February 27, 2011

Killing us Softly- Screening for Movie Night.

Recently we had a movie night at the Women’s Center where we showed the movie by Jean Kilbourne, explores femininity in the media and the destructive deceptive ideas handed to viewers. After the showing, we sat down as a group and discussed what we thought, any feelings the movie gave us and about current issues we feel are serious in the distorted world of the media and body image.

By Jennifer Sherys-Rivets

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to buy tickets for the Vagina Monologues

Don't forget: Friday 11 and Saturday 12, will be the performance for the Vagina Monologues.

Here's how to buy tickets:

1. Meal times at White Hall. We have a table set-up!
2. At the Women's Center at White Hall during open hours.
3. At the door. Come up to 15 minutes before!

See you then.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Ponder...

Here these are folks. We get all sorts of questions for this event, but we still want to consider them and will do our best to answer what we can:

Sex Questions

1. How do you apply a condom with your mouth?

2. What is lesbian sex? Seriously.

3. How can I make oral sex less painful on my jaw?

4. How can I convince him to try bondage?

5. How do you make a girl orgasm?

6. Best position ever?

7. What happens if a girl takes Viagra?

8. Does making out with another girl make me a cheater?

9. What are your opinions on Sarah Palin knowing she is against sex education and anything that empowers women?

10. Which is better: water based lube or silicon lube?

11. How do I practice safe sex without getting a UTI the next day?

12. What specifically constitutes lesbian sex?

13. What is this “sex”?

14. What causes morning wood?

15. What is bag piping?

16. Is it true if you don’t use it, you lose it?

17. How does girl on girl work?

18. What are the most preferable holes used for triple and quadruple penetration?

19. How long does sex normally last?

20. He’s too big, what do I do?

21. Can you have sex in the ear? No.

22. Which is better lube or lotion?

23. How do you do sex? What happens if you sex? Baby

24. What parts of the body do you use during sex?

25. How many professors have sex with their students? In the rear?

26. Who is this “sex”? Your mom.

27. I heard Nigel’s cock is 2ft. long? Is that correct?

28. Why do gay men keep asking to touch my breasts?

29. What is a penis?

30. How do you use a condom?

31. Why am I alone?

32. Where’s the shipment of hot foreign men?

33. Does it hurt?

34. Favorite sex song?

35. Health services- How does it work? What goes where? HELP ME!!!

36. Do all guys get boners (“morning wood”) every morning

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Return of the Faculty & Staff Writing Group

Come on back!
The Lesley faculty and staff writing group is a great time and place to get your work done. Come to a quiet and supportive environment to tackle projects which need your dedicated time. Mark your calendars for Words and Images a workshop by Cassandra Goldwater, MFA on March 3rd.

Don't forget:

We meet every Thursday from 12:30pm to 2pm at the Women's Center in White Hall. We have tea and cocoa, so what could be better?

By Daphne Strassmann

Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you bi-racial or multi-racial?

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Counseling Center is pleased to be offering a group for students who
identify as bi-racial or multi-racial. The group will be led by one of
our interns, Daphne Nayar, a bi-racial graduate student from the Smith
College School for Social Work. The group will be held for three
consecutive weeks, starting in February, at a mutually convenient time
for the students. A flyer for the group is attached with the contact
information. Daphne will be contacting the students who are interested
to provide more information. The group will be held in the conference
room on the third floor of Doble Hall on the Doble campus in Cambridge.
The goal of the group is to create a safe space for the members to
explore issues of identity. The group is open to both undergraduate and
graduate students.

We would be most appreciative if you would communicate this to any
potentially interested students, by posting or distributing the flyer
or talking to students and other colleagues for whom it would be relevant.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 617-349-8547 or Daphne
at the main number for the center 617-349-8545.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to spread the word.

Cynthia Jirak LICSW
Associate Director
Lesley University Counseling Center

Check out the flyer and look for it around campus

By: Daphne Strassmann