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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hooters has good chicken wings.

And Playboy has good articles too. I am posting about a gentleman who blogs on parenting, and was interviewed on NPR today. The raindancer author, Bob Elston, took his kids (2 boys and a girl) to Hooters, so that they get a hands on of sex education lesson.

I am all for experiential learning, but the publicity from his 'research', doesn't strike me as accidental. (Especially since he wrote about it for USA today). So what did his children get out of the experience? The kids told him they see a lot more skin in their neighborhood pool. Also, they were apparently mortified, even as they saw other families in the restaurant. Yes, Hooters advertises as a family restaurant! But that is not why Mr. raindancer went to the local Hooters, instead of let's say, the Olive Garden. As Elston explains "The trip to Hooters, I saw, as an opportunity to see how he (his boy) conducts himself around women."Mind you his kid is eleven years old, have I missed something about the whole cougar trend?

A caller into Talk of the Nation, asked where the blogger would take his daughters? He replied he would take them to the female equivalent of Hooters. Yes! Well done. But sadly, there isn't a restaurant called 'Bulges', where waiters serve up appetizers clad in spandex. To be fair, Mr Elston did bring along one of the kids' grandmother. Granny took the photos.

Children aproaching puberty, should have a healthy model for sex, the human body, and appreciate there is a lot telling them how they should view sexuality and body image. This father's 'hands on experience' seems a bit 'stunt-like' to me and that bothers me, to the extent that I can't give him the benefit of the doubt. Hooters after all, may be promote itself as a family restaurant, but one that sells sex-appeal as the main dish. Mr Elston chose Hooters because when you mix kids and sex in the same story, controversy is born. Controversy makes people famous these days.

So would I take my girls to Hooters? Maybe, but not to teach them a lesson on sexuality.

Here is a link to the USA today article.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mia's Report: National Equality march

Our very own Mia BloomBecker had the unique opportunity to report from this past National Equality March on October 1o and 11 in Washington D.C. As you might have gathered from all of the press reports this was a well attended and powerful event.

Thanks Mia!

Oh. And look for Mia's work to be featured in the Women's Center on November 19th. Details to follow.

By: Mia BloomBecker

I was lucky enough to attend the National Equality March, which was on October 12. I went with the Love and Equality for All People (L.E.A.P.) club at our school, with 10 other students from Lesley. We drove to Washington D.C. in a large bus, along with students from other colleges. We got to D.C. at 7 in the morning, and had the whole day off. The next day we went to the march, which lasted 2 hours, and heard speakers for around 3 and a half hours. More than 200,000 people attended the march, which is incredible.

The speakers were very inspirational, and had widely varied backgrounds. They represented different races, nationalities and sexuality. The most notable speaker was Lady GaGa. My favorites were Dustin Lance Black (who wrote the screenplay for Milk) and a woman from Jamaica named Stacey Ann Chinn. She spoke about how shocked she was that Americans had as few gay rights as her native country.

One of the common themes was that gay rights are civil rights. Many of the speakers connected gay rights to other movements, such as the Women's Movement and Civil Rights. Several speakers emphasized that the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community cannot win this battle alone. Straight allies are greatly needed and appreciated. Gay marriage and the president repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy were the main foci, but there are many other issues, such as job discrimination, that also deserve attention.

Here are some of the photos I took at the march. There are more on my flickr:

Peaco Todd: Capturing politics and making us smile

Chances are that if you have been at the Women's center, you've seen the whimsical political genius of cartoonist Peaco Todd. Back in 2008, during our critical election month, Peaco came by the women's center for a lively discussion, talked about her process and created these political cartoons.
Aside from being part of the Faculty here at Lesley, Peaco teaches at AIB, the Vermont College and in case you didn't know, she's a 'minor domo' every year for the Ig Nobel Award Ceremony. Peaco will be keeping us supplied with on-line cartoons from time to time.
Ralph Nader

Palin's Shadow

Bill Clinton


Ralph Nader

Peaco will be keeping us supplied with on-line cartoons from time to time. Check out her comic book website: Porkbarrel Comix and her blog. We still have some copies of the July 2008 edition, if you want to come scoop one up. Email me if you want one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two inner children walk into the Women's Center..

Starting in November come by the center and mess around with a mountain of Legos, play board games and try-out some toys. Consider it post-midterm release and pre-final steam blow-off. All we ask is that you play nice and share with your friends. If you're too cool and grown-up for these things and still think it's worth a go we won't tell on you, we promise.

Playing Games and Toying around
Put your adult on time out. Unleash the inner kid.

Women's Center Drop-In Hours
Entire month of November.

What do you mean there is no us?

What can the Women’s Center do for you?
  • Provide space for meetings with groups, organizations, friends or advisors.

  • Participate in “You’re the expert,” the WC's ongoing series. Use the space to show off your knowledge and interests of those things that make you passionate about something. Books, Movies, Music, Crafts, Photography, Art, Food, Technology, Hobbies…

  • Provide space for watching a movie, running a seminar, organizing an art exhibit for yourself or a group.

  • Provide open hours so you can relax and study or just sit on our comfy couches and hear yourself think.

  • Borrow our books or read them there. Pick up health related brochures.

  • Poach our bulletin board for exciting and helpful events around campus and other universities, like internships and job opportunities.

  • All you need to do is email us!

What can you do for the Women’s Center?
  • First sign up for our mailing list. We’re not going to spam you (a lot) but we want to show off our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. You can keep in touch with the center that way.

  • Become a blog correspondent. We need intrepid ears around Lesley for the blog. Let us know if you want to report on Women’s Studies, issues or anything relevant to the center and our activities. Those interested should email:

  • Become a liaison. AIB, we need you guys here to show us the cool things you do across the river. If you could bring us news to post on our bulletin board or blog, we would love it. It would be nice if you did the same for us!

  • Knitters out there? Does anyone need a space for a knitting group? Would you like to start one? Unravel your ideas on us! Email:

  • Any vinyl toy buffs? Want to have a trading party?

  • Suggest events for students that can run out of the women’s center

  • Share community resources

  • Donate books

Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Koi Relax.Play.Meditate.Enjoy.Contemplate.

Scroll down.

Down at the bottom of the page.

Aren't they nice?
Click on the screen to feed them and drop some food in the water using your mouse.

It's Alcohol Awarenness Week at Lesley University

Please join us for these events which will run out of the Women's Center at White Hall:

7pm-8pm Alcohol and Your Health, a Conversation with Jo Fortier, N.P., Sponsored by Health Services and the Women’s Center (Women’s Center)

Come and meet Jo, one of the new Nurse Practitioners at Health Services. We’ll talk about various effects of alcohol on your health, and how to identify and respond to an alcohol-related emergency. Other interesting and possibly random bits of info on how alcohol impacts your body will be explored and your toughest questions will be answered. All are welcome!

5pm: Mindfulness and Relaxation: A Good Alternative to Getting Wasted: Co-sponsored by the Women’s Center (Women’s Center)

Come and unwind and learn how to manage stress in a healthy way. Elise Hoblitzelle, is a graduate intern focusing on Holistic Counseling. She has much experience and training in teaching Mindfulness and Relaxation and will take us on a journey toward a sense of peace and calm. Just in time for midterms! All are welcome.

7:00 Safety Tips for Women While Drinking…Learn What Predators Already Know.
Co-sponsored by the Women’s Center (Women’s Center)

Join us for this interactive and informative workshop on how fun times can turn dangerous if you aren’t careful. Ryanne McCook, a graduate intern in the Expressive Therapies program at Lesley will lead this dynamic, hands-on training on how to keep yourself safe, especially when increasing your vulnerability with alcohol use. All are welcome!

Image courtesy of:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parenting Speaker Series

This wonderful two-part speaker series will cover some of the joys and challenges of successful parenting in today's world.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Launch Pads

Every Thursday between the hours of 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm, the writing group for Lesley faculty and staff, carves out time and space for intense and focused work.

We're growing but still have plenty of room. So please join us. Bring your lunch or your coffee and relax into some maximum productivity. All of those who have attended rave about the quality time the sessions provide.

Keep checking the blog for mentions of speakers and the possibility of adding a new day to the weekly schedule.

For more information or to get on our mailing list email me:

Daphne Strassmann


Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's going on in there?

How many times have you run in to White Hall smelling the sweet aroma of fresh food and wondered what was behind those mysterious french doors? Well wonder no more. It is the Women's Center!

The center is not solely associated with the Women's Studies department at Lesley, it is also for you dear student. This means that on those days when the cafeteria noise is drowning your work mojo, you can come in enjoy some peaceful time or have a nice catch-up conversation with a friend. You can also hold study groups and meetings whenever the center is available. You can read and borrow sources from our ever- growing library. If you are talented, or dream that you are, come by and pitch us a sampling of your visual creations, we would love to share them with the rest of Lesley.

But most importantly, keep your eyes on what start happening. We're planning and hatching out plans for fun, informative, community building events. Heck! Maybe a zany thing or two. In the mean time, look for our hours to get posted and consider those times an open invitation to come by and be our friends.