Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks Jezebel for the video!

"So what is the big Deal about Super Bowl ads?" That was the question from my 12yr old, and so we explained the large market potential, the anticipation for crazy out-there type ads and big stars doing things they might not otherwise do for just television. In our house, we're not football fans, but my husband looks forward to the ads and last night, we finally sat down and took a look at them and share them with our daughter.

We saw talking babies, lot's of beer ads, Megan Fox doing sexy face in a bathtub, loads of strange things that happens involving Doritos, the sweet Google ad, and the much debated anti-abortion commercials. Denny's scared chickens, and Dockers men chanted and marched in a field along compatriots, wearing only underwear and shirts. For the most part, the ads were somewhat predictable. I truly enjoy the Griswolds-genre, so the short was hysterical. My admiration for low-brow humor is well-known, Airplane anyone? Young Frankenstein?

There was just one thing that really killed my tolerant mood for the ads. The Dodge commercial really got under my skin. So for your viewing pleasure I will post both of the Dodge ads, and then go forth and see the awesome response from someone else, who didn't find the Dodge commercial all that funny.

And, if you have moment, check the commercials out on and take a look at (as of today) the predictable demographic scoring. That was about as fun as the ads.

So here you are enjoy:

Some role-reversal according to Dodge.

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