Monday, February 22, 2010

Sex questions on Lesley student's minds.

Here are some of the questions that got deposited in 3 of our mailboxes throughout the main campus. We are taking all of these and putting them up for answers to our three panelists:

Douglas DiMartile
Lesley Counseling Center

Jo-Ann Fortier
Nurse PractitionerStudent Health Service

Magi McKinnies
Lesley University Counseling Center

Don't forget you can twitter your questions to us, email us or post them on facebook. Drop the questions off at mailboxes located at Student Center's Activities Desk, Women's Center White Hall, Health Service Office. You can come by on 2-25 ask speak your mind in person or write your questions rigth before the session starts.

This is open to ALL and Everyone!
Female, Male, Straight, Gay and In Between!

  1. What is the relationship between a healthy sexuality & sexual fantasies that involve non-consent (ie. Rape pedophilia etc)? How does one integrate into a healthy sexuality these kinds of desires/urges/fetishes? Or not- what to do then?
  2. Do women get orgasms when you do it from behind?
  3. How is babby formed?
  4. How many times can a girl use “I was drunk” as an excuse, before it becomes redundant??
  5. Define straight and gay.
  6. Why have my breasts not developed?
  7. What do you do if you’re with a girl and you’re “down the stretch to home plate” and then she tells you she’s gay...lesbian…and you’re sober??
  8. What is a clitoris?
  9. What if abstinence doesn’t work?
  10. Why can’t we do all the things we do with girls with guys?? Has it been done before?
  11. Is it ok to be into S & M?
  12. Why do women have vaginas?
  13. My boyfriend wants to role play Harry Potter, and I’m weirded out, what do I say?
  14. What can a girl do to ensure a or make an orgasm better?
  15. Definite signs of herpes?
  16. Is oral sex better than anal sex?
  17. Why is gay sex so much better than hetero sex?
  18. Why are lesbians sooo hot!?
  19. When part “a” gets put into part “b” how long until we have to wait for part “c”?
  20. Mint tea and cunnilingus.
  21. Why do men have penises?
  22. How it does it take for herpes to start floating into your body?
  23. What are guys biggest pet peeves about women?
  24. If you have sex standing up, can you get pregnant?
  25. If you have sex in water can you get pregnant?
  26. Uptown or downtown.
  27. Pull out technique-how do you do it correctly??
  28. Snowballing would you do it??

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