Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rally to Protect Funding for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Rally in the Boston Commons

This event was inspiring to say the least. Jen and I started thinking no one was going to show up from Lesley and the next thing we knew we left for the Commons with a solid group including one guy!

When we arrived there were people swarming with posters, stickers, and free t-shirts that lit up the area with pink spirit. We were told to move to the front and thanks to Rachel (from vagina monologues) we had enough posters to go around and represent how abortion should stay legal.

The rally started and various governors, senators, and planned parenthood representatives spoke their words with gratitude for the mass amounts of people who actively responded. There were several counter-protestors which the majority made sure to silence continuously. The Lesley Women’s Center was a part of something larger than us that day and it will show when the government keeps title 10.

Despite the awesome t-shirts, we got to leave with positive feelings that if we need to come together to defend an issue, it is possible. I would encourage events like this to be openly informed at our school so the students and faculty are aware of the Center’s message.

By Jennifer Bucolo

Planned Parenthood is a national organization dedicated to providing medical care, contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, pregnancy testing and consultation, and accesses to abortions to citizens in our nation, regardless of socioeconomic placement. Planned Parenthood provides alternatives to individuals that do not necessarily have access to these services otherwise. Recent cuts in the Massachusetts budget, were going to take out almost all of the Planned Parenthood funding, making it so these services could not be provided any longer. In support of Planned Parenthood and its accesses to government funding, the Lesley University Women’s center gathered a group together to attend the rally and show their support. The rally was in Boston Commons on Saturday March 19th Click here are some photos from the event:

Here is some video showing some of Lesley students participating in the rally:

By: Jennifer Sherys-Rivet

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