Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day to all Lesley Community Moms!

The gorgeous movie star-looking woman in the photo above, is my mom Marie Henriquez. Since 2003, I have missed her love, her strength, humor and determination every single day, as have my sisters. Though her presence is steady in how I parent my own children, my only regret is that she couldn't continue to be the awesome and fun grandmother she was already on track to become.

Yes, Hallmark makes a mint on a day like today, but any reminder to celebrate your mom, is usually a good thing. Don't forget the men out there, who parent children on their own, and raise families. Don't forget your grandmas, and godmothers, or any other person who 'mothers' you in any way.

So to everyone:

We hope this is a wonderful, happy and hopeful day!

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