Monday, April 23, 2012

Vegan Cooks and Recipes Galore

Dear everyone,

It seems that we have a big number of you out there who are practicing Vegans. We dig that. The thing is that Vegan alternatives can be hard to sustain in a campus environment. You can help. We're looking for a few of you who want to share your knowledge, ideas and recipes. The Women's Center is putting together a cookbook for the Lesley Community. Won't you help?

Here's all you need to do.
Click here and submit your recipe or email us.
You can also come by and bring your copy to us in person. We would love to see you and say hi.

Happy eating!

The Women's Center Staff

Daphne, Jen Bucolo, Jen Sherys-Rivet

By: Daphne Strassmann

Clothesline Project

Every year The Third Wave Feminism Club at Lesley participates in the Clothesline Project. This project was created to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women. Lesley's installation went up this past Sunday April 22nd and the t-shirts, weathered with rain and wind, reflect a strong message of unified voices once silenced by violence.

If you want to come by to make your own shirt, the Women's Center has materials for you to create your message of support for this project. Come by during open hours. Contact Rachael Cina with questions, or Daphne Strassmann.

Image: University of Connecticut

Friday, March 2, 2012

This is the post where we answer some of those questions you left for us!

Remember the Question Stations for the Let's Talk About Sex event? Well, those boxed were filled with loads of interesting and good questions. If you didn't come to the talk we missed you, but wanted to ensure you got the answers you were hoping to get. You left a question and you deserve and answer.

Here is how this will work:

Imagine those Dear Abby-type columns where people ask questions and one person (Abby) answers those questions for you and gives you advice. Well, this will be a bit like that. Except that our Abby is really the panelists who were so helpful and informative during our Q&A chat.  You have the right to respond and ask follow-up questions through the blog, or sending us an email message at the center, if you would prefer. Here's the deal though: Let's keep the saucy language to a discreet level, use creative spelling and we will do our best to still talk about this in an informative way.

Here we go:

Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Panelist 1-
    No, as long as the penis stays AWAY from the vagina; that said, you should be using a
    condom with anal sex as well which adds extra protection from both pregnancy and STIs.

Panelist 2-
 I concur with panelist 1. The straight answer is NO. However, there is a lot of movement and friction and slippery conditions. Protect yourself, when you are in the middle of enjoying intercourse, you're dealing with areas that are close in proximity. 

  How do you use sex toys safely?

Panelist 1-
Make sure the buy toys that are Phthalate-free. If you are using a silicone toy do not use a silicone based lubricant or it will damage the toy. Clean your toys after every use, the cleaning depends on the material of the toy. Many toys can be cleaned by using boiling water. If you want to insert something into your anus, make sure there is a handle so it can’t go all the way up there.

Posted by: Daphne Strassmann

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another night, another filled theater for the Vagina Monologues.

Don't miss the last day of the Vagina Monologues. Tomorrow Saturday February 18th is your last chance to see the amazing production directed by Rachael Cina and Amber Reed. Tonight was packed again and the audience got a great show.

Marran Theater
Tickets at the door
Suggested Donation 7dollars regular admittance and 5 dollars for students.
All proceeds go to help Rosie's Place, a shelter for women.

By Daphne Strassmann

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Women's History Month Annual Art Exhibit Featuring Lori Lander

Every year the Women's Center honors Women's History Month by showcasing the work of women artists. This year, along with Lesley's Alumni Association, we are delighted to bring to the Marran gallery the work of local Cambridge artist Lori Lander.  The exhibit is titled The Work of Women: Daily Rhythms and Rituals in Bali and the work depicts poignant moments of women and the work of daily life. Lori Lander has spent years traveling around the world and putting her observations of life in different countries into her work. She is also involved in several local organizations such as the Cambridge Arts Council. She is the founder and organizer of Many Helping Hands Cambridge, a gathering of people living and working in Cambridge coming together to help those in the Cambridge community in need. 

The exhibit will be on display from February 10th through March 16th.

The opening reception will be hosted by the Alumni Association at the Marran Gallery on March 8th, 5 to 7pm.

By: Daphne Strassmann

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stay Warm

So what if it isn't real? Come by to the center to take the chill off your day inside the warm and cozy Women's Center. Join us for Pie Friday and for Thursday Movie Nights.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Movie and Dinner Night Was fun- Juno

Thanks everyone for coming to see Juno at the Women's Center last night. We had a great time. Come on over next week on February 10th at 6pm. We will be showing:


Bring your dinner!

By: Daphne Strassmann

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Student Activities Fair: Did We Meet?

If we did, we can't wait for you to come and visit us at the Center and see what we have been planning for you this spring. Don't forget to join us on Facebook  too!